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This year our new season recipes have been created by award winning nutritional therapist and author of The Gut Health Diet Plan, Christine Bailey. Christine has created a suite of leek-based, gut-friendly recipes that research suggests could help reduce feelings of stress and improve sleep quality. To find out more visit our recipes section.

Who's who

The Casey family

Read all about the people who grow our favourite vegetable. This is Mervyn and Marilyn Casey’s family, who have grown leeks at their farm in Lincolnshire since 1970. Find out more about the Caseys and other members of the Leek Grower's Association by clicking here.

Did you know?

Emporer Nero

The Romans considered the leek a superior vegetable and Emperor Nero ate so many he gained the nickname Porophagus (leek eater). He is reported to have thought eating leeks would improve his singing voice!! Check out our fun facts section

Tips from the experts

Leek, wild mushroom and parmesan pappardelle

Char-grilled, roasted, poached, braised, pan fried or cooked in a wok, you know you can always whip up a quick dish that is tasty, healthy and wholesome as well as bursting with flavour. Click here to find out how to select, store and prepare leeks.

What the top chefs say

Christine Bailey

Christine Bailey: "Not only are leeks packed with essential vitamins and minerals they are rich in specific health promoting antioxidants and particular types of fibre known to promote a healthy gut."

Katriona MacGregor

Katriona MacGregor: "It’s a joy to cook and eat together and to nourish yourself and your family with healthful, seasonal recipes that have the power to make you feel healthy, well and energised."

Liz Earle

Liz Earle: "“Leeks are very rich in sulphur, and therefore great for detoxing."

Dominic Franks

Dominic Franks: "I've always loved leeks. They can add both a gentle, sweet flavour to dishes whilst also having a pungent kick, which makes them so versatile."

Sophie Wright

Sophie Wright, 'The Commuter's Chef': "I love to cook with seasonal British ingredients, especially ones as well priced and versatile as leeks. Packed with vital nutrients they are a vegetable we should all be consuming more of."

Larkin Cen

Larkin Cen, MasterChef 2014 finalist: "British Leeks are great and we should use them more! They are so versatile, the opportunities to cook them are limitless."

Jane Hornby

Jane Hornby, chef & author: "I'm a huge fan of British leeks - great value for family cooking, leeks are an easy way to add home-grown flavour to your favourite meals."

Sarah Schenker

Dr Sarah Schenker, nutritionist: "Leeks are a versatile way to boost the immune system and add flavour, as well as contributing to the essential five-a-day."

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